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Our comprehensive solution for asset owners allows for credible and comprehensive emissions reporting.

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This strategic partnership helps our clients to make the 'invisible visible' by turning financial, operational and supply chain data into auditable carbon footprint data. In addition, we are building digital products together with Persefoni bringing the very best from management consulting and SaaS to our clients in order to turbocharge decarbonization.
Torsten Lichtenau
Partner and Global Head of Bain & Company's Carbon Transition Impact Area
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Persefoni helps asset owners, including pension funds, foundations, endowments, and high-net-worth individuals, measure their financed emissions and  incorporate climate-related decisions into their investment analysis. Persefoni’s asset owner customers find that incorporation of climate-related considerations can mitigate risk, improve trustee or beneficiary relations, and improve investment outcomes.

It is increasingly clear that asset owners have a powerful & influential voice with which to drive responsible investment forward, and to help shape the investment supply chain, and the broader financial services industry. Many pension & sovereign funds, endowments & foundations have declared their intent to have net-zero portfolios by 2050 or sooner. Such asset owners are thus ever more accountable to clearly articulate their ESG values and beliefs, especially to the investment managers to whom they’re allocating capital. More specifically, as responsible providers of capital, it’s critical they lead the way in understanding and communicating transparently the climate impact they have across their own investment portfolios.

Free Download | How To Calculate Emissions in Your Value Chain: The Crawl-Walk-Run Approach

Asset owners have made it clear to their investment managers that they expect carbon emission reporting across their portfolios. Global regulatory requirements and industry initiatives like the UNPRI, and the Data Convergence Project highlight the importance of reporting the emissions of portfolio companies in a credible, auditable and transparent manner. Carbon Measurement is no longer just a “nice to have,” it’s now table stakes.

The expectations related to climate disclosure have shifted from qualitative to quantitative metrics and specifically Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions calculations. Persefoni’s solution enables asset owners to complete a broad-based portfolio carbon calculation using the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) methodology across its public and private investments.  

Whether an asset owner is looking to calculate emissions for its direct investment portfolio or its holdings via capital commitments to fund managers, Persefoni’s alignment to PCAF calculation methodologies enables calculation of carbon footprint across all assets under management. With Persefoni’s extensive work across asset managers, private equity firms and private credit firms, asset owners can form connections via Persefoni to improve data quality over time.

Persefoni’s solution, developed by teams with a total of decades of carbon accounting experience, is specifically designed  to support such initiatives within the asset owner community. We’re a software company that hires the best of the best when it comes to sustainability expertise, collectively measuring thousands of carbon footprints and helping asset owners and asset managers, set and achieve decarbonization plans. We’ve formed complementary partnerships across the financial services ecosystem to ensure asset owners are well-placed to execute their world-class ESG plans.

Built for Climate Disclosure

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