Carbon Accounting Essentials

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April 7, 2023
August 30, 2023
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Module Overview

Welcome to Persefoni Academy, a climate-focused eLearning experience offered by the Financial Executives International (FEI), a leading association for financial executives, and powered by Persefoni, a leading climate disclosure and carbon management platform.

Persefoni Academy was built as a first step toward our mission to democratize carbon accounting for all, no matter their industry or profession. Organizations across the globe are beginning to recognize and take responsibility for their impact on climate change. The first step in that process is calculating their carbon footprint which requires a baseline understanding of carbon accounting. With Persefoni Academy, we aim to democratize carbon accounting by enabling our customers with the education necessary to be successful on their carbon accounting journeys.

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Built for Climate Disclosure

See the Persefoni platform for carbon accounting and climate disclosure in action.