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Book Cover Capitalism Created the Climate Crisis and Capitalism will Solve it

Capitalism Created the Climate Crisis and Capitalism Will Solve It:

The Market Forces Catalyzing a Climate Technology Renaissance

In this groundbreaking book, distinguished author Kentaro Kawamori delivers a fascinating and timely exploration of the interplay between capitalism and climate change. He explains how the capitalist system helped to contribute to the current crisis of global warming and how that same system will help to end it.

In the book, the author discusses the enormous impact of the climate crisis and how consumerism, the government, the modern finance industry, the fossil fuel industry, and others combined to accelerate the warming of the world.  He then considers the roles those same players will play to reverse this effect in the coming years.

You’ll also find:

  • Discussions of how climate tech innovations will transform the economy and how technology disruptors will become involved in the process
  • The ways the energy industry will change to incorporate the realities and consequences of a warming climate
  • Explorations of the incentives created by free market structures and how to include climate stakeholders in the discussion

An engaging and exciting new resource for anyone interested in the intersection of economics, business, and the environment, Capitalism Created the Climate Crisis and Capitalism Will Solve It contains practical and thoughtful climate prescriptions for a world desperately in need of them.

About the Author

KENTARO KAWAMORI, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Persefoni

  • ASU Founders’ Day Young Alumni Achievement Award 2024
  • Forbes America’s Best Startup Employers 2024
  • America's Top GreenTech Companies by TIME and Statista in 2024
  • #2 World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company in 2023
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year Pacific Southwest Finalist in 2022
  • SXSW Startup Pitch Competition in 2021
  • Forbes 30 under 30 in 2020
Kentaro Kawamori is CEO & Co-Founder of Persefoni, a prominent climate tech software company. Persefoni's Climate Management & Accounting SaaS Platform is used by companies and financial institutions worldwide to account for, disclose, and manage their climate impact. Kawamori's leadership has helped Persefoni land strategic partnerships with industry giants like AWS, Deloitte and IBM. His entrepreneurial journey extends beyond Persefoni, however, as his initial venture-backed enterprise software business, Umbrage, caught the attention of Bain & Co, leading to its acquisition in 2023.

He was also an early-stage software investor at Rice Investment Group and held technical and executive roles at major technology firms, including serving as the Chief Digital Officer at Chesapeake Energy. After completing his undergraduate degree at Northern Arizona University, Kawamori earned his MBA from Arizona State University. Kawamori combined his academic excellence with an innovative mindset. He journeyed into the corporate world by way of Accenture, a necessary first step before his career-altering leap to Chesapeake Energy as the Chief Digital Officer. It was at Chesapeake Energy that Kawamori crossed paths with his future Persefoni co-founders, paving the way for their eventual collaboration and partnership.

Kawamori's impact has positioned him at the forefront of developing solutions to climate change, as his innovation and expertise are shaping corporate response and action.