The Platform for Climate Management

Measure. Report. Decarbonize. Wherever you are in your carbon journey, we’re here to help.

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Leading industry analysts say Persefoni is the best software provider for automating carbon accounting and financial disclosures.
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Measure Your Footprint

Our intuitive platform was built by climate and accounting experts. From collaborative and streamlined data collection to robust calculations that help ensure compliance with global standard frameworks, we make it easier to measure your emissions.

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Report Your Footprint

We facilitate the calculation of your footprint with the accuracy and transparency you need to give your CFO, accounting teams, and other key stakeholders confidence on the emissions data being reported.

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Decarbonize Your Business

Our software helps navigate the path to decarbonization with deep insights and analyses based on your industry and net zero target. Through reduction modeling, customized action planning, and progress tracking, you can take control of your decarbonization journey and achieve your business goals.

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We partner with leading firms across consulting, technology, and standard-setting to bring you the best solutions on your carbon journey.

The Platform for Climate Management

Automated carbon accounting. Investor-grade reporting. Decarbonization planning. Wherever you are in your carbon journey, we’re here to help.

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