Improve the Accuracy, Trust, and Transparency of Your ESG Disclosures

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Workiva is a leading financial and ESG reporting platform that simplifies complex tasks, improving efficiency, transparency, and risk reduction.

Persefoni is a leading carbon management and accounting platform that helps organizations across the globe measure, report, and decarbonize.

When combined, the Persefoni and Workiva cloud-based platforms enable integration of carbon accounting and reporting into larger workflows, fostering robust automation and internal controls.

After automating your carbon footprint calculation in Persefoni, connect your activity data straight into the Workiva platform via the Persefoni connector. From there, the necessary footprint data is populated in Workiva so it can be added to an ESG report or disclosed to the SEC. This connectivity alleviates resource constraints by minimizing manual reporting tasks while enhancing the transparency and trust of carbon emissions data.  

Boost confidence in your internal controls over scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data and your ability to manage compliance throughout the disclosure process. The Persefoni and Workiva partnership helps you manage compliance in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Built for reporting

  • Branded API Connector maintains most recent high quality carbon disclosures for GHG scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and can be set to automatically refresh.
  • KPI & Goal Tracking helps you set and improve on organization-wide ESG KPIs and net zero goals based on carbon footprint data, which can be tracked in the Workiva platform along with the rest of your ESG goals. 
  • Integrating your carbon accounting and reporting into Workiva helps drive cross-functional collaboration between ESG, audit, and financial reporting teams.

Built for disclosure

  • Combining Persefoni and Workiva gives you a single, auditable source of truth for your carbon data while still tracing impact from source to report with an end-to-end platform built for financial and ESG reporting.
  • Instantly refresh your carbon footprint data from Persefoni into Workiva to disclose your carbon footprint more often.
  • Maintain strict internal reporting controls by replacing manual processes with automation and integrating carbon data with your existing compliance driven workflows.
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Built for Climate Disclosure

See the Persefoni platform for carbon accounting and climate disclosure in action.