Net Zero Navigator

Developed with Bain & Company to take the guesswork out of your decarbonization strategy. It’s time to make empowered carbon reduction decisions that are aligned to both your business and climate goals.
Screenshot of the Persefoni Net Zero Navigator UI

Simplify Your Decarbonization Strategy

Build and track a decarbonization strategy uniquely tailored to your needs. Our technology is built on top of Bain’s industry-specific decarbonization actions informed by deep net zero expertise. This means you can spend less time analyzing data and more time taking action to reduce your carbon footprint.

Screenshot of the Persefoni Net Zero Navigator UI
Screenshot of the Persefoni Net Zero Navigator UI

Customize Your Decarbonization Plan

We know that every organization is at a different point in their decarbonization journey. Generate decarbonization scenarios based on your industry, emissions data, and target goals as a starting point. From there, configure the recommended actions and implementation timelines to reflect existing and future climate projects and assess decarbonization outcomes that reflect your unique business.

Achieve Your Climate Targets

Easily create, assess, and decide on a decarbonization plan–so you can quickly move from understanding to action. Having your carbon emissions data and decarbonization plan in a single platform enables you to gain immediate feedback into the impact of your reduction actions and evolve your strategy based on new information.

Screenshot of the Persefoni Net Zero Navigator UI

The Platform for Climate Management

Wherever you are in your carbon journey, we’re here to help.