Persefoni AI

Persefoni AI is the umbrella of AI models and functionality natively built into the Persefoni platform that makes our climate management platform smarter and our users more productive. These AI capabilities do more of the work for you, increasing efficiency and accuracy when performing carbon footprint calculations.

Your Personal Carbon Accounting Copilot

Persefoni AI works behind the scenes to analyze all the transactions and calculations to flag data anomalies, fix data inconsistencies, and make smart recommendations to get you to carbon measurement and reduction faster. This is done via natively embedded AI and machine learning models – such as KNN-based clustering and Large Language Models.

An aerial photo of a waste water treatment plant.

Resolve Data Errors And Anomalies

  • Spend less time cleaning data and gain more confidence in the accuracy of your data and calculated carbon footprint
  • Detect and view data errors – including date formatting, units of measure, and more – with proposed resolutions, before ingesting data into the platform
  • Identify data anomalies and outliers
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Accelerate Carbon Footprint Calculations with Smart Emission Factor Matching

  • Get a set of recommended emission factors based on an entered description of business activities–no additional manual input required
  • Experience more precise and tailored recommendations over time–our Climate Accounting specific Language Model continues to improve with user feedback and more data
An aerial photo of a waste water treatment plant.

Ingest Data Faster With Template Recommendations

  • Map the data types you want to upload with intelligently matched templates
  • Spend less time uploading data so you can get to calculations faster

The Platform for Climate Management

Wherever you are in your carbon journey, we’re here to help.