Your Personal Carbon Accounting Copilot

Increase data accuracy and calculate your carbon footprint faster with Persefoni’s embedded AI capabilities.

Let us do the work for you

Persefoni uses natively embedded AI and machine learning models – such as KNN-based clustering and Large Language Models – to analyze all of your transactions and calculations to flag data anomalies, fix data inconsistencies, and make smart recommendations. Get to your carbon footprint and reduction faster.

An aerial photo of a waste water treatment plant.

Resolve Data Errors And Anomalies

Leveraging our AI-driven error and anomaly detection and data mapping recommendations ensures you’re getting the right data into the platform. This cuts the time and resources you have to spend scrubbing your data and reduces the risks of having data errors surface in your climate disclosures.

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Accelerate your work with tailored emission factor recommendations

Mapping appropriate emission factors to your activity data is a critical but time-consuming part of calculating an accurate carbon footprint. Persefoni’s AI models help streamline this step with recommended emission factors based on your descriptions of business activities.

Built for Climate Disclosure

See the Persefoni platform for carbon accounting and climate disclosure in action.