arriving Q4 2023 (English)


Your AI co-pilot for carbon accounting and management. We built PersefoniGPT to accompany you through each step of your carbon management journey – from initial measurement to reporting and decarbonization.

Providing both best-in-class software and carbon/climate experts to our customers is core to our mission. The recent breakthroughs in AI transformer models (GPT) represent an exciting evolution in our journey and allow us to expand our existing AI portfolio even further.

To-date, our existing AI portfolio has been largely aimed at easing the complexities of the data journey within the world of carbon accounting and the subsequent assurance and audit processes. Our customers tell us they love these embedded AI models, and we will be shipping many more in this space.

PersefoniGPT represents our entry into what will eventually become a near-autonomous AI Agent whose technical knowledge across carbon accounting, climate management, and the Persefoni platform will simplify vast areas of this journey.

While it will take a few years to get to that level of capability,  our first versions of PersefoniGPT will already be able to assist our users in becoming significantly more efficient in their carbon work. Querying data, making calculation selections, learning how to use the platform, and receiving real-time support is easier than ever before.

Our vast data sets across millions of carbon activities allow us to train and combine models to bridge the gap in language and understanding between your business and the technicalities of carbon management. In addition, our carbon and climate experts constantly training and refining these models means you’re not getting artificial intelligence in some sense but rather the expert intelligence from our team that you’ve already come to trust – now in our own GPT model.

Always-On Carbon Accounting Expertise

Day or night, PersefoniGPT is ready to support you. Whether you have questions about our platform or need expert advice on carbon accounting, PersefoniGPT is at your service 24/7. No time constraints, no wait – just immediate, reliable assistance.

Real-Time Carbon Accounting Analysis

PersefoniGPT is more than just an AI co-pilot – it's your reliable partner in analytical decision-making. Whether you seek quick overviews or deep-dives into your carbon data, PersefoniGPT delivers instant, clear, and actionable insights. Transform complex carbon emissions data into comprehensible information that helps you effectively manage your sustainability efforts.

Interactive Learning Experience

PersefoniGPT adapts to your pace, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Whether you're uncertain about a feature or need help with a tool, PersefoniGPT guides you through the process, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling learning journey.

Intelligent Alerts

Stay ahead with PersefoniGPT's intelligent alerts. Receive timely notifications about significant data changes, potential risks, and emerging opportunities. Be proactive and responsive with PersefoniGPT on your team.

Regulatory Guidance and Support

Keeping up with the ever-evolving carbon accounting regulations can be challenging, but PersefoniGPT is here to assist. Our AI co-pilot provides insights and guidance to help you better understand and adhere to the latest regulatory requirements, ensuring your carbon accounting practices remain up-to-date and compliant.

Natural Language Interaction

With PersefoniGPT's Natural Language Processing capabilities, you can simply ask questions and give commands using your everyday language, creating a conversational and intuitive user experience.

Built for Climate Disclosure

See the Persefoni platform for carbon accounting and climate disclosure in action.