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Advanced Analytics for Your Financed Emissions

Gain deep insights into your financed emissions and decarbonization strategy with Persefoni’s Portfolio Analytics Suite.
Screenshot of the Persefoni Side By Side Comparison UI

Carbon Insights for Better Decision-Making

Persefoni’s Portfolio Analytics Suite gives you seven advanced dashboards for managing the emissions from your investment activities. You can conduct climate due diligence, analyze decarbonization pathways, put fund emissions into context, model value at risk, compare estimated to actual emissions, and more. The more you know, the better investment decisions you’ll make.

Portfolio Analysis

The Portfolio Analysis dashboard calculates metrics for investor regulations and industry-specific reporting (emissions intensity, WACI, and weighted average data quality). Create custom reports and export key visualizations that align with your organization’s needs by filtering insights by fund/portfolio, asset class, emissions scope, industry, data quality, and time frame.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Screenshot of the Persefoni Side By Side Comparison UI

The Side-by-Side Comparison dashboard shows how your financed emissions differ between funds, companies, or year over year.

Actuals vs. Estimates

Screenshot of the Persefoni Actuals vs Estimates UI

The Actuals vs. Estimates dashboard allows you to compare the difference in financed emissions when calculated using actual vs. estimated emissions data. This dashboard also allows you to compare the impact of using different estimation methods.

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Portfolio Builder

The Portfolio Builder dashboard lets you construct a model portfolio based on sector and weight to better understand carbon emissions. You can also take an existing portfolio (yours or an index) and apply carbon-related filters to test screening for a low-carbon fund.

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Carbon-Adjusted Return Analysis

The Carbon-Adjusted Return Analysis dashboard uses existing revenue and EBITDA projections — combined with carbon revenue at risk, carbon pricing, and decarbonization costs — to bring a carbon perspective to IRR/MOIC return scenarios.

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Value at Risk from Transition

The Value at Risk from Transition dashboard helps you account for risk associated with the transitional impacts of climate change across your funds and portfolios. You can model your revenue and EBITDA against risks based on consumer preference changes and the cost of carbon pricing.

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Portfolio Decarbonization

The Portfolio Decarbonization dashboard lets you model decarbonization strategies across six different scenarios:

  1. Divestment
  2. Active reduction of emissions
  3. Changes in sector allocation
  4. Addition of low-carbon companies
  5. Investments in climate impact
  6. Purchase of offsets

Built for Climate Disclosure

See the Persefoni platform for carbon accounting and climate disclosure in action.