[Scope 3 Data Exchange]

Streamline Data Collection from Your Suppliers and Portfolio Companies

Improve your scope 3 calculations with actual emissions data from any external organizations via Persefoni’s Scope 3 Data Exchange.

Bridge the Scope 3 Data Gap

Persefoni’s Scope 3 Data Exchange helps external organizations, like suppliers and portfolio companies, to easily fulfill your emissions data requests, even if they are not Persefoni users. With standardized and auditable data requests, you can reduce friction and gain a more complete and precise view of your carbon footprint. 

Collect Data from Your Suppliers

Move beyond spend-based calculations by collecting actual emissions data from your suppliers. Scope 3 Data Exchange improves the accuracy of your supplier-related emissions with a standardized and auditable way to collect information on:

  • Supplier total emissions
  • Allocation percent and methodology
  • Supplier total revenue
  • Supplier climate targets

Persefoni’s Scope 3 Data Exchange allows you to easily track and manage all of your supplier requests in a central hub, and review supplier data prior to using it in scope 3 calculations. With better supplier data, you can gain visibility into your suppliers’ sustainability maturity, unlock new data-driven decarbonization efforts, and mitigate hidden risks in your supply chain.

Collect Data from Your Portfolio Companies

Screenshot of the Persefoni UI

Improve the data quality of your portfolios’ financed emissions from estimated PCAF calculations to actual emissions data. Persefoni’s Scope 3 Data Exchange provides your portfolio companies with a standardized and repeatable framework to fulfill data requests, making it easy for them to provide emissions data year over year. 

This streamlined process lets you collect more emissions data with data quality scores of 1 and 2 and reduces data collection delays and errors. You can easily review incoming data and directly import it into your Persefoni account to ensure the accuracy and auditability of your financed emissions calculations.

Built for Climate Disclosure

See the Persefoni platform for carbon accounting and climate disclosure in action.