[Scope 3 Data Exchange]

Investment Portfolio Engagement

Persefoni’s Scope 3 Data Exchange (S3DX) removes friction and uncertainty in the data collection process to calculate scope 3 emissions. With an easier path to scope 3 measurement, companies can focus on taking action.

Bridge the Scope 3 Data Gap

Our Scope 3 Data Exchange (S3DX) module streamlines the collection of financed- and supplier-related scope 3 emissions data, all on Persefoni's trusted and audit-ready platform. With S3DX, your portfolio companies and suppliers can easily fulfill your data requests, whether or not they are Persefoni users.

Screenshot of the Persefoni Exchange Data UI
Screenshot of the Persefoni S3DX UI

Standardize emissions data requests

  • Streamline data collection with custom request templates 
  • Quickly specify what information you need from your portfolio companies
  • Easily keep track of all your requests with a single view into all statuses

Simplify data submissions for your portfolio companies

  • Provide your portfolio companies with a self-guided tool to easily submit their carbon emissions data
  • Standardize the data submission process for portfolio companies, regardless of whether or not they have an existing Persefoni account
Screenshot of the Persefoni S3DX UI
Screenshot of the Persefoni UI

Import data directly into your financed emissions calculations

  • Consolidate submitted data into a staging hub to review before merging into your financed emissions dataset
  • Leverage actual reported emission from your portfolio companies to improve the data quality of your financed emissions calculations

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