[Scope 3 Data Exchange]

Streamline Your Supplier Emissions Data Collection

Persefoni bridges the data gap between you and your suppliers, making it easy to request and receive their emissions data.

Improve Your Scope 3 Data Quality

Directly engage with suppliers via secure, standardized, and auditable data requests, whether or not they are Persefoni users. Our self-guided emissions request tool enables you to collect the most granular emission data available from each supplier.  

Improve Efficiency and Lower Operating Costs

Persefoni helps you streamline supplier engagement and reduce the resources needed to understand where emissions are generated in your value chain. Collecting more granular data unlocks opportunities to partner with innovative suppliers, improve product design, and turn emission hotspots into financial opportunities. 

Set and Achieve Climate Goals

To achieve net zero targets, companies will need to move away from spend-based estimates  towards collecting  actual supplier emissions data. Persefoni’s Scope 3 Data Exchange gives you a more complete and precise view of emissions contributions from your supply chain and empowers you to better collaborate with suppliers on your sustainability goals. 

Screenshot of the Persefoni Exchange Data UI

Built for Climate Disclosure

See the Persefoni platform for carbon accounting and climate disclosure in action.