How a leading provider of industrial packaging used software to achieve its sustainability goals

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Years of Emissions Data calculated Across 7 sites, 3 countries, and 4 states



metric tons of CO2e in Scope 1-3 emissions measured



Improvement in Scope 1 data measurement

Addressing complexity to reduce waste

Hoover CS  is a global provider of sustainable industrial packaging and fleet management solutions. At Hoover CS, sustainability is an integral part of everything they do. In aiming to provide “more value with less waste,” they supply their customers across the chemical, refining, and general industrial end markets with a means to move away from single-use containers. As part of their dedication to sustainability, Hoover CS wanted accurate measurements of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. To assess their progress towards their internal climate goals, and to create reports for audits, stakeholder requests, and annual ESG reports.

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It’s one thing to say something, it’s another thing to prove it…. Look at the data and make informed decisions on that data, and that’s what Persefoni helps you do.
Nick Moscariello
Global Director, Sustainability Hoover CS

Calculating a footprint

Hoover CS recognized Persefoni as the only platform that could hold the full range of their data in one place, present it via a myriad of dashboard views, with the ability to drill down to identify all areas of scope 1, 2, and 3 data. Persefoni was able to help Hoover CS calculate and analyze the full carbon footprint of their global operations, which could be shared with customers, in various ESG reporting, and in audits with drastically less time and resources spent. 

Based on the data they collected on the Persefoni platform for 2021, Hoover CS could clearly see its overall carbon footprint; the company will now begin making educated determinations of how, where, and on what timeline they should reduce emissions. Hoover CS was able to reduce the time and resources spent creating an auditable climate emissions baseline by more than 50 percent, with the added benefits of real-time reporting for multiple stakeholders. Additional modules like Persefoni’s Climate Trajectory Modeling add further granularity to the decarbonization journey and further maximize Hoover CS’s investment in Persefoni.

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Persefoni allowed us to gather that data, and now we’re able to set targets…working with Persefoni has given us the vehicle to tell our story.
Rodney Helmcamp
VP Operations Hoover CS

Collaboration and Automation 

As part of Hoover CS and Persefoni's ongoing relationship, the focus has now shifted towards integrating software and programs with the Persefoni platform toward a monthly data pull. This collaborative effort automates the data collection process and significantly minimizes the time commitment from Hoover CS team members, allowing them to focus more exclusively on operations and emissions reduction

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Working together and doing it lockstep… you don’t get that from a lot of customer client relationships.
Nick Moscariello
Global Director, Sustainability Hoover CS

Setting Goals

Excerpt from Hoover CS ESG Report:

We announced ambitious 2025 corporate sustainability goals, focused on carbon intensity, packaging circularity and water efficiency. Looking at the full lifecycle impact of our own value chain has been essential in developing a short- and long-term plan to optimize our carbon footprint, which in turn helps our customers meet their own net zero goals.

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