Carbon Accounting Essentials
Financed Emissions Fundamentals

Final Thoughts

July 9, 2024
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Final Thoughts

The CDP found that for financial institutions, reported financed emissions are more than 700 times larger than reported operational emissions.

Reducing these types of emissions can significantly reduce an institution’s individual carbon footprint.

Targeting these types of emissions also requires engagement with the portfolio companies and customers. As a result, financial institutions must also help and encourage them to reduce emissions or find other ways to offset emissions in their portfolio. This can lead to institutions making more “green” investments or divesting completely from high-emitting companies.

Persefoni’s climate management and accounting platform can help streamline reporting even further by simplifying most of this process. This gives reporting organizations more time to focus on the next steps rather than spending hours meticulously collecting their data.

Nice job!

That wraps up our module on financed emissions! If you want to learn more, check out our other available courses in Persefoni Academy!

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