Chapter 3: GHG Protocol Fundamentals

GHG Protocol: Final Thoughts

August 10, 2023
August 30, 2023
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ghg protocol final thoughts

Lesson Overview

Final Thoughts

The GHG Protocol provides businesses the ability to make decisions that may increase competitive advantage, drive efficiency and innovation, and reduce risks.

Calculating your GHG emissions alone can be a daunting task. Collecting data and aligning it with the GHG Protocol’s standards adds even more complexity.


Persefoni has codified the GHGP — offering over 120 different calculation methods, and tens of thousands of emission factors.

Persefoni can help your organization manage all of its emissions data in one place, making it usable and accessible for your key stakeholders. Our platform can also speed up reporting so you can spend less time formatting spreadsheets and more time deciding your organization’s next steps.

Nice job!

You've completed the overview of the GHG Protocol. In the next module, we'll take a look at setting inventory boundaries.

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