SEC Climate Disclosure: An Executive Primer

Chapter 2: The Intent of the SEC Rule

May 27, 2024
May 27, 2024
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The Intent of the SEC Rule

Module Overview

In this module, we'll dive into the core mission of the proposed SEC Climate Disclosure Rule, explore the connection between climate risk and financial risk, and learn about the limitations of voluntary sustainability reports in providing comprehensive climate-related information and their impact on market efficiency.

Learning Objectives

In this module, we are going to:

  • Understand the driving force behind the proposed SEC Climate Disclosure Rule and its core regulatory mission.
  • Explore the link between climate risk and financial risk, dissecting the potential impact of climate-related events on a company's financial performance.
  • Differentiate between physical and transition climate risks and their varying financial implications.
  • Recognize the importance of the SEC's rule in promoting fair, orderly, and efficient markets by ensuring consistent and comprehensive climate-related disclosures.
  • Articulate the rule's emphasis on informing investors about financial risks associated with climate impacts.
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