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Getting to know Persefoni: Meet Emma Sweby

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1. And you may ask yourself, "Well... how did I get here?" (Tell us your journey?)

I grew up in rural England, surrounded by fields and cows. And more cows. My childhood was spent outside, roaming the surrounding countryside. Nature gave me an incredible sense of freedom and wonder. My early career took some twists and turns; I joined one of the world's largest professional services firms, became a CPA, and then jumped into consultancy. When I landed in the sustainability and climate change consulting space, it felt like I was coming home. Here was an opportunity to advocate for better business and drive positive environmental change.

In my role as a consultant, I regularly encountered clients who were motivated to act but were overwhelmed by the effort to understand and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. When I first understood what the Persefoni platform could do – I thought, “Finally, this is it!” This is what organizations need to help them overcome these barriers and engage with change more effectively and confidently.

2. And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile. (What do you do at Persefoni?)

I’m a Senior Director in our Climate Solutions team here at Persefoni. We serve as a bridge between our customers and our technology, a team of climate subject matter experts and carbon accounting nerds with both industry and consulting backgrounds. In addition to advising our customers through their carbon accounting and platform onboarding journey, we support our Product team with prioritizing new functionality and enable ongoing platform quality assurance.

Trail running in the Cascade Mountains.
Trail running in the Cascade Mountains.

3. And you may ask yourself, "Where does that highway go to?" (What are your hopes for your time at Persefoni?

I believe deeply in our mission of enabling every organization and person with the technology to positively impact the health of our planet. To truly democratize carbon accounting, we must equip the world with the tools and knowledge to build widespread capabilities. If we can arm millions of people globally with the skills to calculate, understand, and act on their greenhouse gas footprint, then we will have achieved something truly momentous.

4. And you may say to yourself, "My God! What have I done?" (Why is Persefoni a great home for you?)

I started my career more than 10 years ago in financial accounting, so it really resonated with me that Persefoni built the CMAP platform with trust and transparency at front of mind … attributes that are integral to creating robust information which can be relied upon to drive confident decision making. And I was also struck by the speed at which the founding team was able to bring a product to market. Bringing solutions to market quickly is integral if we are to help as many companies as possible to action the level of change needed to keep us from reaching catastrophic warming.

But the thing that gives me the most confidence in my decision to join Persefoni is the people. Persefoni is filled to the brim with authentically passionate, smart, engaged people who speak about the challenge we are trying to solve without ego - and those are the kind of people I want to work alongside and continue to learn from for a long time to come.

Kayaking in the Broughton Archipelago
Kayaking in the Broughton Archipelago

5. And you may find yourself in another part of the world... (Tell us about your life/hobbies away from work?)

I’m lucky to call the beautiful Pacific Northwest my home, specifically Vancouver, Canada. It’s an abundant natural playground, so when I’m not at work you’ll likely find me trail running in the mountains or out at sea on a kayak. I also love pottery. It’s the perfect way to switch off my brain, get creative, and get messy!

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