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Getting to Know Persefoni: Meet Robert Villareal

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Tell us about your role and what do you hope to achieve/accomplish?

As a Data Engineer for the calculations team, I have enjoyed working to deliver an accurate and reliable collection of calculations to our customers.

What is it about being a Persefonite that keeps you motivated to do your best work, even on the hard days?

As a Persefonite, I enjoy the work I do. I believe in our company values and the supportive team we have built. Every day we are faced with new challenges forcing us to be innovative in solving problems and I am honored to be part of a solution-oriented team.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family. If I'm not tending to our backyard garden with my daughter, Olivia, you can find me at the local farmers market with my wife, Sandra, or playing Minecraft with my son, Jude. Or, you can find me hunting for birdies at the local golf course.

What achievement are you most proud of from the entirety of their tenure here?

I have enjoyed being a part of the evolution of our "Bulk Uploader". It began as a manual import process and has evolved to the addition of the "Intelligent Uploader" which I am proud to have worked on this with our talented team of engineers.

What's your go-to morning beverage?

Coffee. Plain and simple.

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