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Key Takeaways from Workiva Amplify 2022

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Last month, the Persefoni team headed to Las Vegas, NV, for Workiva Amplify, a three-day conference focused on reporting, compliance, and how it intersects with ESG. Our team made quite the splash announcing our partnership with PwC to support our joint customers' ESG journey.

In addition, Persefoni’s CEO, Kentaro Kawarmori, hosted a session providing an overview of the carbon accounting landscape and unveiled Persefoni's joint solution with Workiva for investor-grade reporting for the first time. He provided his perspective on how organizations can best prepare their investor-grade reporting in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape and demonstrated our market-leading capabilities to automate carbon accounting calculation as well as reporting work-flows.

Our Executive Vice President, Keith Denham, joined Mandi McReynolds, Head of ESG and Reporting at Workiva, for a motivating conversation on how organizations can set and make progress toward a net zero goal.  We were able to connect with our Workiva partners in person and have broader discussions about the intersection between financial and non-financial reporting.

Then last week, Persefoni also joined our partners at Workiva’s EMEA Amplify event in Amsterdam. We took advantage of the opportunity to reiterate the value of our joint solution to our European stakeholders and helped clients from all over Europe better understand how they can leverage Persefoni and Workiva to increase organizational visibility into environmental data and ensure accuracy in their reporting as they progress toward publicly committed decarbonization targets.

If you missed us at Workiva Amplify in person or virtually, don’t worry - we have you covered! Here are five key takeaways:

1. The ever-evolving ESG regulatory landscape drives the need for auditable climate disclosures

Investor, market, and regulatory pressures have brought carbon reporting to top of mind for most organizations. To satisfy stakeholder requests, organizations must begin reporting their carbon footprint in a robust and transparent manner. Climate disclosure requirements in particular are driven by financial market regulators and require disclosure with the same level of auditability as financial reporting.  

2. Carbon accounting requires the same rigor as financial accounting

Similar to how finance and accounting teams evolved with financial controls, they must now apply the same critical thinking and processes to their greenhouse gas accounting, as they anticipate investor-grade disclosure requirements and an accelerating regulatory environment.

3. Communication between financial and non-financial reporting teams is critical

As financial regulators like the SEC turn their attention to climate disclosures, it’s critical to ensure consistency with financial reporting disclosures to reduce risk and maintain transparency in your organization’s business operations.

4. The Persefoni and Workiva joint solution simplifies processes and hardens internal controls which improve the accuracy and transparency of investor-grade reporting

Our solution simplifies carbon accounting by automating workflows between Persefoni’s carbon accounting platform and Workiva’s reporting functionality. This automated connection streamlines carbon emissions reporting while helping build internal controls and robust automation throughout the process.

5. Experts like PwC perspective can help ensure successful climate disclosures

As a leading public accounting and advisory firm, PwC supports the world’s largest enterprises as they prepare for regulatory and reporting shifts like those reflected in today’s ESG landscape. PwC has experience in sustainability, data, systems, and compliance when supporting clients through a digital transformation to technology-enabled climate disclosure with Persefoni and Workiva.

As organizations prepare for the SEC Climate Disclosure proposal’s final ruling, investor-grade reporting for the climate was a hot topic throughout the conference, with many customers recognizing that the SEC is simply one jurisdiction whose climate regulations they must plan to meet. Persefoni and Workiva’s joint solution is purpose-built to solve the challenges organizations face surrounding data governance and internal controls, and combines the best of both industries. We work together to support your climate reporting needs in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

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