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Persefoni releases free, self-guided software for Scope 3 supply chain management

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Persefoni, a leading Climate Management & Accounting Platform (CMAP) for enterprises and financial institutions, today announced the formal release of Persefoni Pro, leveraging nearly five years of AI breakthroughs and pioneering thought leadership. With Persefoni Pro, SMBs and large enterprises alike are able to achieve for free and require no existing sustainability experience, the same quality and trust in calculations as our flagship Persefoni Advanced product, used by many of the world's largest companies. This release marks more than two years of development and real-world application and feedback.

Businesses of all sizes now have a free, comprehensive enterprise-grade solution for creating accurate carbon footprints they can share with stakeholders, both internally and externally. Functioning similarly to intuitive self-guided software such as Intuit Inc.'s TurboTax®, Persefoni Pro enables businesses to collect, identify, and disclose a comprehensive emissions footprint with no first-hand sustainability experience; Persefoni Pro leads users through the process based on factors like their industry, location, and operational scale, and dynamically adapts, posing new inquiries built upon earlier responses.

This is a game changer for businesses of all sizes:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses can quickly and affordably calculate and share their emissions without the significant investments previously required for this task; going forward, users can immediately submit results for future supplier requests.
  • Large enterprises can better engage and gather real-time, higher-quality data from their supply chains – improving the accuracy of their own climate disclosures, unlocking data to drive more informed decision-making, and potentially reducing the risk of non-compliance, litigation, and greenwashing claims.
  • Financial services companies can gather better data from their portfolio companies – supporting more informed investment decisions.

Kentaro Kawamori, CEO and Co-founder of Persefoni, said: "Carbon footprints are meant to be shared, and it should be easy and free. Whether you're sharing your footprint internally or with external suppliers, investors, regulators, or the public, the ultimate benefit is using more accurate and complete data to drive better decision-making." Adding, "We already have Global 2000 companies using Persefoni Pro for their own calculations, let alone their supply chains. While Pro may represent the culmination of many years of development and achievements in AI, including proprietary, advanced GPT models, it's only the first step in this process. Before the summer, we will release additional one-click regulatory reporting, advanced calculations, and more GPT features. Material network effects have been unlocked now that emissions data has become easier to gather, manage, and share."

This year, a raft of regulations – Canada's CSSB, Europe's CSRD, the state of California's Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, and other jurisdictions around the world – require large organizations to collect and disclose their global Scope 3 emissions. These emissions account for the largest portion of many companies' overall emissions profiles, and Persefoni Pro not only makes gathering data for this mandatory reporting a breeze, it does so with enterprise-grade security, including SOC I, SOC II, and ISO 27001 certifications.

Many of the world's largest companies and financial institutions trust Persefoni - including strategic integrations with market leaders like Workiva, and partnerships with global services firms like Bain & Co., Deloitte, and ERM. Indeed, industry leaders like MSCI and Deloitte Tohmatsu have already selected Persefoni Pro.

Persefoni is enabling a quantum shift forward in climate data access, simplicity, global supply chain management, and data quality. The future of carbon accounting and management is here.

About Persefoni
Persefoni AI Inc. offers businesses and financial institutions the software and AI tools to manage their organization's climate-related data, disclosures, and performance with the same level of rigor and confidence as their financial reporting systems. With our platform, users can streamline their carbon footprint calculations, develop and oversee decarbonization strategies, and generate audit-ready sustainability reports.

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