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Persefoni Selected for GHG Reduction Calculation by Panasonic Electric Works Company

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TOKYO, JAPAN - November 27, 2023: Persefoni Japan G.K. , a leading Climate Management and Accounting Platform (CMAP) for businesses and financial institutions, has announced that it was chosen for a joint project with Panasonic Electric Works Company (Panasonic EW)'s EV charger sharing service everiwa Charger Share. 

By calculating and visualizing GHG reductions through everiwa Charger Share, it will quantitatively understand the social significance and contribution of the co-creation community everiwa in its business activities. First, Persefoni’s CMAP was introduced to the everiwa no wa Ichikawa Action Project, which is being promoted by Panasonic EW in collaboration with Ichikawa City. Through this project, Panasonic EW and Persefoni will carry out calculations and visualizations on GHG reductions in Ichikawa City.

Through the Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture project with everiwa, Persefoni will focus more on one of the major challenges of decarbonization in Japan: decarbonizing local cities. By providing GHG emissions calculation and visualization technology compliant with international standards to all sectors and industries, Persefoni will continue contributing to the promotion of corporate GX strategies and the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

Persefoni provides GHG emissions calculations within the everiwa service and has been appointed as an evangelist for Panasonic EW's everiwa service. The combination of Persefoni with Panasonic EW's efforts to address Sustainability issues not only provides added value to their customers but also promotes the decarbonization of Japanese society as a whole.

Related links: 

Panasonic Corporation Electric Works Company: https://panasonic.co.jp/ew/

Everiwa official website: https://www2.panasonic.biz/jp/everiwa/

“everiwa Charger Share” official website: https://biz.everiwa.jp/ChargerShare

The "everiwa no wa Ichikawa Action" page: https://biz.everiwa.jp/community/project 

About Persefoni

Persefoni’s Climate Management & Accounting Platform (CMAP) provides businesses, financial institutions, and governmental agencies the software fabric for managing their organization’s climate-related data, disclosures, and performance with the same level of rigor and confidence as their financial reporting systems. The company’s software enables users to simplify the calculation of their carbon footprint, identify decarbonization strategies and perform climate trajectory modeling aligned to temperature rise scenarios set forth by the Paris agreement, and benchmark their impact by region, sector, and/or peer groups.

For more information about Persefoni, visit https://www.persefoni.com/

Persefoni Media Contact: 

Persefoni Japan PR


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