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Reduce to Net Zero With Persefoni Webinar Recap

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If you missed our “Reduce To Net Zero with Persefoni” product webinar we hosted on August 25th, 2022, don’t worry - we have you covered! Here are five key takeaways:

1. The majority of companies are now setting climate targets

External forces from regulators, stakeholders, and investors are driving companies to make ambitious carbon reductions. Over 60% of the webinar participants have set goals related to carbon accounting, with 20% reporting that their organization has established a science-based target. This aligns with the broader climate target ecosystem, where 66% of companies on the S&P 500 set climate targets and 29% set science-based targets.

2. The methods and ambitions of companies' decarbonization strategies are evolving quickly

Companies are now recognizing that measuring carbon and setting ambitious emission reduction targets can improve profitability and reduce impact. There are three key phases in the decarbonization journey: tactical, strategic, and transformative. A poll conducted by the webinar’s attendees found that the majority of companies are still in the strategic phase of creating a carbon footprint and developing an emissions target.

3. Tailoring a decarbonization pathway can reveal opportunities for business goals and cost savings

Creating models of different decarbonization pathways by adapting an organization’s emissions sources and outputs can assist in decision-making. Companies can benchmark their progress against peers to see how their decarbonization pathways compare to the wider sector. Companies can influence sourcing and engagement across supply chains and develop new features, services, or products that align with a company's ambitions and create new opportunities.  

4. Persefoni’s Reduce Footprint can help companies through the decarbonization process

With Reduce Footprint, companies can track their progress toward a carbon reduction goal and model a science-based emissions target (one that’s in alignment with limiting global warming to a 1.5 C temperature rise by 2050) to inform decision-making in the decarbonization journey. Reduce Footprint enables companies to model emissions reductions across Scopes 1, 2, and 3 and model electricity usage and overall kWhs across facilities to identify the efficacy of switching to clean energy or implementing energy efficiency upgrades. Read our Persefoni Reduce Footprint announcement to learn more about how Persefoni can help companies on their decarbonization journey.

5. Organizations can get even more help from Climate Trajectory Modeling

Companies can get an even better understanding of their decarbonization pathways and track progress towards net zero or custom targets with trajectory modeling. Our Climate Trajectory Modeling (CTM) module enables users to create, compare, and track progress towards different emissions targets and determine whether a target applies to their organization. Read our CTM announcement to learn more about what the CTM module can do for you.

To learn more about how Reduce Footprint to help you on your decarbonization journey and to see the tool in action, watch the entire webinar here. Then, schedule time for your own personal demo here.

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