Law firm reflection: Carbon accounting opportunities, pitfalls and trends that matter

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January 24, 2023
12:00 PM EST
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Are clients still asking for you to report your carbon emissions? Disclosure requests are set to ramp up; as your clients begin to report their Scope 3 emissions, they will ask their suppliers (including their law firms) to disclose their emissions. Law firms are at various stages of their carbon accounting journey, whether they're still considering reporting, just starting to report, or they're managing their emissions now.

In this session, our speakers, Kristina Wyatt and Anissa Vasquez formerly of Latham & Watkins and Mike Galeski, formerly from CDP, will reflect on their experience of managing carbon emissions, through the Crawl-Walk-Run approach, sharing their learnings on opportunities for law firms and pitfalls to avoid. They will also share key takeaways from COP27 that matter for law firms at any stage of their carbon accounting journey.


  • Data Gathering
  • Calculating Managing Emissions
  • Reporting, such as CDP
  • Meeting broader sustainability goals
  • Assurance
  • COP27 Takeaways & Other Trends that Matter
  • Demo

Anissa Vasquez

Sustainability Director

Kristina Wyatt

Deputy General Counsel & Chief Sustainability Officer
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