The state of the climate industry: Persefoni panel discussion featuring Forrester and Burlington

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October 20, 2022
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET
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This webinar includes an expert panel discussion featuring Forrester and a leading consumer products company. We discuss the rapidly-evolving climate market, and highlight how simplicity, accuracy and quality are the three pillars to ensure a trusted decarbonization journey. We share decarbonization insights and best practices, as well as a significant company and product announcement on the call.


  • A panel discussion about the state of the Climate industry from industry leaders and Forrester
  • Understand how the climate landscape is evolving and trends companies should know about
  • What is the intersection between governance, risk management, compliance, and climate?
  • How is the industry ripe for disruption? Where is it headed?
  • Persefoni announces new Persefoni product capabilities- GA of CMAP 2.0, Pre-Announce of Essentials, Academy

John Anthony Hodges

Director of ESG, Climate, and CSR

Renee Murphy

Principal Analyst at Forrester

Jordan Guess

Manager, Strategic Customer Success
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