What CA SB-253 means for your business

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September 26, 2023
3:30 PM - 4:15 PM PST
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California Senate Bill 253, known as the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, took a significant stride toward becoming law as it passed the state's legislature. This landmark legislation marks a pivotal moment in the establishment of mandatory emissions reporting around the world. Governor Newsom has announced his intention to sign the bill, which is expected to impact approximately 5,400 companies. 

In this executive discussion, we spoke with Sen. Wiener about:  

  • The landmark nature of SB-253, who it impacts, the timeline, and how it was achieved 
  • What this means for companies doing business in California 
  • Next steps for businesses

"I really want to thank Persefoni for all of its work helping us pass SB-253. Persefoni was a key part of our coalition and was present in the capital during a very, very intense home stretch. I'm super grateful for Persefoni's participation."  -- CA Senator Scott Wiener, SB-253 Author


Scott Wiener

California State Senate, SB 253 Author

Kentaro Kawamori

CEO & Co-Founder

Kristina Wyatt

Deputy General Counsel & Chief Sustainability Officer
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