Black Mountain Carbon Lock’s Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes
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Black Mountain Carbon Lock’s Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes

From drilling engineer to strategic advisor and executive at numerous international companies, Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes is far from done at 31 years old. Ashley is the CEO of Black Mountain Carbon Lock, a private carbon negative company and Executive Director at REEcycle, which recycles rare earth elements from electronic waste.

In this episode, Ashley shares her breadth of knowledge in the mining business and stance on issues related to her industry. We’ll be talking about rare earth recycling, how her industry relates to decarbonization, and the importance of looking at supply chains when we talk about environmental impact. More importantly, Ashley shares her personal experience as a woman leader in a male-dominated sector.

If you are interested in learning more about Ashley and her work, head on over to REEcycle and Black Mountain Carbon Lock.

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