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Accelerate Climate Reporting & Compliance with Persefoni + Workiva and the PwC Perspective

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Mounting regulatory, stakeholder, and investor pressure is driving climate disclosure from a voluntary to a mandated activity, and has quickly become a top boardroom issue. Organizations face multiple challenges when it comes to carbon management, accounting, and reporting - from barriers to entry around Greenhouse Gas Protocol expertise, to complexity of accounting, and not least of all, compliance and controls. Similar to how finance and accounting teams evolved with financial controls, they must now apply the same critical thinking and processes to their greenhouse gas accounting, as they anticipate investor-grade disclosure requirements and an accelerating regulatory environment.

Persefoni and Workiva’s joint solution is purpose-built for this challenge, augmented by PwC’s business knowledge, platform expertise, and data resources to help integrate leading ESG technologies for tomorrow's growth. Workiva is a leading ESG and financial reporting software platform enabling users to host ESG and regulatory data under a single source of truth, maintaining consistency and auditability when reporting. Persefoni’s integrated solution with Workiva streamlines the carbon accounting, compliance, and ESG reporting journey. Our alliance with PwC supports those same customers to be tomorrow-ready through deploying our joint solution, controls, and perspective on climate-related disclosures.

As a leading public accounting and advisory firm, PwC supports the world’s largest enterprises as they prepare for regulatory and reporting shifts like those reflected in today’s ESG landscape. PwC brings its experience in sustainability, data, systems, and compliance when supporting clients through a digital transformation to technology-enabled climate disclosure with Persefoni and Workiva. Whether an organization is calculating and reporting its carbon baseline for the first time or moving from a well-established manual process to a digital one, having the right guidance and tools is critical to carbon accounting and disclosure success.

Persefoni automates the carbon management and accounting process across Scopes 1-3, enabling the calculation and transparent storage of GHG emission transaction details within Activity Records. Once calculated in Persefoni, emissions data flows seamlessly into the Workiva platform via a proprietary API. This creates a single source of truth for carbon emissions data that connects to Workiva reporting tools with the necessary automation for hardened and reliable internal controls throughout the GHG emissions reporting process.

PwC serves as a trusted advisor in deploying the Persefoni and Workiva joint solution, helping to enable carbon emissions calculation and reporting capabilities. This may include robust data strategy, technical integration, program management, internal controls, and process governance - critical elements to building trustworthy and transparent climate disclosures. Together, PwC, Persefoni, and Workiva help empower customers to work towards investor-grade ESG reporting as regulatory requirements continue to evolve.

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