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Accelerate Carbon Calculation with Persefoni AI

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December 21, 2023
April 25, 2023
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persefoni ai smart carbon calculations

AI is embedded in who we are

When we founded Persefoni in January 2020, we incorporated the company as Persefoni AI Inc. We did so to enshrine into our company DNA the fact that we believe AI will transform the way we work and unlock value from data.

AI is quickly changing the way we interact with information and software of all types - including Persefoni’s climate management and accounting platform.

Persefoni AI is your carbon copilot

Today we’re excited to announce Persefoni AI, the umbrella of embedded AI capabilities that makes our climate management platform smarter and our users more productive. Our first AI model was released into our platform in late 2022, to help users more efficiently map to data types within the platform. Our latest release includes a host of new models that help our users:

  • Flag data anomalies and outliers;
  • Detect and resolve data inconsistencies; and
  • Leverage smart emission factor recommendations based on their description of business activities.
Persefoni AI File Uploader UI

Now, our customers can move from measurement and reporting to reduction, faster than ever.

Spend more time decarbonizing your business

Persefoni AI works behind the scenes to analyze all the transactions and calculations and is built on technologies such as KNN-based clustering and Large Language Models.

With these capabilities, you can:

Spend less time managing data while increasing data accuracy.

Leveraging error and anomaly detection and data mapping recommendations ensures you’re getting the right data into the platform.

Calculate your carbon footprint faster.

Mapping the right emission factor to your activity data is a critical, but time-consuming step to calculating an accurate carbon footprint. Accelerate this step with recommended emission factors based on your descriptions of business activities.

Get more out of your data.

Our Climate Accounting model continuously improves with user feedback and more data inputs, ensuring you experience more precise and tailored recommendations over time.  

Persefoni AI Enhancements

Today’s release marks a significant milestone for Persefoni’s AI capabilities, but it’s only the beginning. We’re already working on new models that we’ll release in the second half of this year to bring capabilities like forecasting emissions trends and filling in data gaps.

See how AI can accelerate your organization's carbon footprint calculation - schedule a demo and speak with a Persefoni climate expert.

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